Martin-Wilbourn Partners rebrands as Allegiance

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 1,180 views 

Market research firm Martin-Wilbourn Partners said it will rebrand and rename itself as Allegiance, a reputation management, crisis communications and business development services agency. The Little Rock-based company works with advisors locally and worldwide.

David Martin, chairman and CEO, said the new name not only reflects “one of our core values,” but also the growing focus within the business sector on managing and protecting corporate reputations.

“Virtually every CEO will tell you the value of their organization is rooted in its reputation,” said Martin. “There is a growing recognition that deepening relationships with customers and communities is critical to building, strengthening and protecting corporate reputations. More and more companies are aligning their branding and marketing strategies with that goal and expectation in mind.”

Allegiance works with clients across America, Europe and Asia. The firm will remain rooted in market research, which is used to drive general and reputation management.

“A research-driven approach positively impacts the bottom line by defining, enhancing, protecting and leveraging reputations for greater profitability,” said Martin.

“Most companies are confused and disappointed in the return on their advertising and promotional investments. That’s because the focus of their marketing has been on ill-defined brand promotion that traditional advertising agencies are selling rather than engaging in authentic conversations, which convey solutions consumers are seeking. Most advertising agencies offer an outdated, costly and superficial model that has made many advertising agency services a commodity. These outdated approaches don’t deliver in terms of building client relationships, enhancing corporate reputations, or growing revenues,” Martin said.

Martin, who has 35 years of experience as counselor to clients on reputation, risk management and business development strategies, co-founded Martin-Wilbourn Partners in 2010 with Randy Wilbourn, a former Alltel executive who will continue to serve as a senior ddvisor to Allegiance clients.

The firm’s new website is