by Mark Zweig -

The language of business

With the current issue of the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal focused on accounting and finance — two subjects near and dear to my heart as someone who teaches in a…

by Chuck Hyde -

What’s your incentive?

Is it just me, or are coffee shops always cold? For several reasons, I spend a lot of time in coffee shops, none of which are because I like coffee…

by Jake Fair -

SALT deduction parity

Historically, individuals have been able to deduct income, property and certain other state and local taxes as an itemized deduction on individual federal income tax returns — referred to as…

by Paul Holmes -

Thunder Road

Sitting around the coffee table one early morning, our group took an informal survey and concluded, informally of course, that many of us aren’t carrying around all our original parts….

by Ben Carroll -

Even MVPs need an EVP

November 2021 was a record-setting month in the United States, as 4.5 million workers resigned from their jobs — more than twice the 2 million from the same month a…

by Stacey Mason -

Sitting in the tension

We talk about tension like it’s a bad thing. Maybe it’s just about stretching. Stretching and being able to hold differing points of view at the same time. Leading and…

by Mark Zweig -

Success by 40

Let’s face it. If you can be successful in your field before turning 40, you have a lot of runway left to become even more successful later in life. It’s…

by Michael Pollock -

Crypto as retirement strategy

This article should be helpful to fiduciaries seeking an understanding of how the markets related to virtual currency function in the context of retirement planning. Virtual currency is being embraced…

by Paul Holmes -

Of missed emails and dead cousins

I didn’t make the trip to the Sonoma County Courthouse in Santa Rosa, Calif., last month for the hearing on a bank’s petition to admit to probate the will of…

by Tab Townsell -

A glimmer of hope at the gas pump

In the throes of a record-breaking heatwave and uncharacteristically high gas prices, Arkansans might be looking for reasons to ditch the keys, cancel summer plans and stay home. But despite…

by Hayden Shamel -

Pay the teachers, Arkansas

Arkansas teachers deserve better than the insulting dismissal by the Arkansas legislature that we saw this week. Teachers in Arkansas are overwhelmingly underpaid, and as a result, we are losing…