by Natalie Bartholomew -

A personal connection

If you were a marketer in March 2020, you likely took your marketing strategy for the year and threw it in the trash. And if you didn’t, you should have….

by Andrew Faulkner -

Advance, grow and overcome

How many times have you heard the phrase “the new normal” in the past 12 months? The word “normal” almost has a feel of going back — back to the…

by Paul Holmes -

Making sparks fly

The ongoing showdown between President Joe Biden and Senate Republicans over Biden’s infrastructure plan seems likely to produce more heat than light, but Arkansans have a stake in where the…

by Mat Mozzoni -

Tech trends endure

The pandemic has been a technology accelerator for businesses, municipalities, schools, healthcare and homes. Internet service providers, such as Cox, experienced the equivalent of two years of traffic growth in…

by Titus Laney -

Retirement is coming faster than you think

Congratulations to the members of the Fast 15 class. Your accomplishments and leadership potential are equally remarkable. Much good work has been done in a relatively short time. As far…