by Heather Nelson -

The sun rises on economic growth

Sustainability appears to be on everyone’s minds these days. Mere days after taking office, President Joe Biden signed executive orders reaffirming his administration’s commitment to advancing solar, wind and clean…

by Paul Holmes -

The ‘Three Rivers Rule’

The majority opinion in a recent session of court was that the Three Rivers Rule is no longer a reliable defense. The opinion was rendered not at the bar of…

by Mark Zweig -

Those ‘other’ entrepreneurs

We have many entrepreneurs in Northwest Arkansas. Of course, the best-known entrepreneurs from our recent past are Sam Walton, Don Tyson and J.B. Hunt. Others are lesser-known, but entrepreneurs nevertheless….

by Cynthia Maggard -

Promotion potential in 2021

Did you resolve to be more present on social media in 2021? Bots and politics aside, there’s still potential to promote your business, build a brand and engage with those…

by Mark Zweig -

Make people like you

If you are in business and want to do well, it sure helps if people like you. You are much more likely to be successful if you are likable. It…

by Paul Holmes -

Life pictures

A quotation variously attributed to Friedrich the Great of Prussia and Napoleon Bonaparte of France says that an army marches on its stomach. Essential to the progress of a fighting…

by Craig Wilson -

2020: Finding inspiration in hindsight

The morning after the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Arkansas in March, I took to social media, as many did, writing: “For America to withstand the threat from COVID-19,…

by Erik Dees -

Check your gauges

I can still remember the feeling of handling the controls of the small plane flying over Beaver Lake. The scenery was beautiful, and the sense of momentary control of the…

by Max Mahler -

The IRA opportunity for late 2020

If you have a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you might be familiar with the regulation to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) beginning at age 72. You may even know…