43 resolutions filed for proposed Arkansas constitutional amendments

by George Jared ([email protected]) 1,721 views 

The field is set for proposed constitutional amendments that may be referred by the 93rd General Assembly for the 2022 general election. The state legislature can refer up to three proposed amendments for voter consideration every regular session.

The 43 amendment proposals ranged from restricting a proposed casino in Pope County to tort reform to recall elections and even the state legislature calling itself into a special session. Some of the resolutions for consideration have details of their title, while others are “shell bills,” which will likely be amended to provide more mintuae of their contents and intentions.

Here are the filed amendments:

SJR18 – An amendment that the U.S. Supreme Court will consist of only nine justices.

SJR17 – An amendment concerning a review of the constitutionality of certain federal actions prior to their implementation.

SJR16 – An amendment providing that interscholastic or intramural athletic teams that are sponsored by a public school shall be expressly designated based on biological sex. This amendment would prevent transgender athletes from competing with athletes of differing biological genders.

SJR15 – An amendment requiring the governor to convene an extraordinary session of the General Assembly when declaring an emergency by executive order or proclamation.

SJR14 & HJR1024 – An amendment to create the “Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment.”

SJR13 & HJR1023 – An amendment to protect Arkansans rights to keep and bear arms.

SJR12 – An amendment concerning the qualifications to vote in an election.

SJR11 – An amendment to create an implied warranty of habitability and to provide protection for Arkansas tenants. The amendment would strike a state law that makes it a crime to not pay rent and vacate a residence.

SJR6 – An amendment requiring the General Assembly to establish by law a revised election process. The amendment, if passed would require the General Assembly to create a process in which candidates in a primary election, special primary election or election for non-partisan office appear on a single ballot regardless of political party affiliation and the top two candidates for each office to advance to the general election or special election.

SJR5 – An amendment concerning the manner in which primary elections are conducted.

SJR4 – An amendment requiring the General Assembly to provide for the establishment, maintenance and support of free public schools subject to such conditions and limitations as the General Assembly may prescribe.

SJR3 – An amendment permitting the state of Arkansas to be sued as a defendant in state court the same as any other party.

SJR1 – An amendment allowing a municipality to incur short-term financing obligations maturing over a period of, or having a term not to exceed 10 years for the purpose of acquiring fire trucks.

HJR1025 – An amendment concerning the authority to determine the amount of compensation owed for or civil penalty imposed because of injuries to a person or persons or property.

HJR1022 – An amendment concerning the powers of the Supreme Court and General Assembly pertaining to the adoption of court rules and mirror the federal rules enabling act.

HJR1021 – An amendment to repeal the exception to the prohibition of slavery and involuntary servitude.

HJR1020 – An amendment concerning fines and restrictions related to frivolous lawsuits. It pertains to fines and restrictions relating to frivolous lawsuits.

HJR1019 – An amendment providing that supreme court justices, court of appeals judges, circuit judges and district judges shall be elected on a partisan basis. It would eliminate non-partisan elections of these officials.

HJR1018 – An amendment to allow lottery proceeds to be used to provide scholarships and grants for Arkansas citizens enrolled in vocational and technical schools and institutions. It would allow students in vocational and technical schools to receive Arkansas Scholarship Lottery funds.

HJR1017 – An amendment to provide for certain elected officials to be elected on a partisan basis. The measure would allow some elected officials to be elected on a partisan basis.

SJR9 & SJR7 & HJR1016 & HJR1015 – An amendment to permit legislative enactment of rules of pleading, practice, procedure, and evidence for courts. It would allow the General Assembly to enact laws prescribing rules of pleading, practice, procedure, and evidence in all courts that supersede rules of pleading, practice, procedure, and evidence prescribed by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

SJR8 & HJR1014 – An amendment permitting limits on awards of punitive and non economic damages. The amendment would allow the Arkansas General Assembly to set awards for civil death and injury claims.

HJR1013 and HJR1012 – An amendment to revise the duties of certain constitutional officers. The amendment would revise the duties of certain constitutional officers.

HJR1011 – A constitutional amendment to provide for a local option election concerning casino gaming in Jefferson County. The amendment would call for an election to determine if casino gaming will be allowed in the county if enough valid signatures are collected for it to appear on the ballot.

HJR1010 – A constitutional amendment to remove casino gaming in Pope County. The amendment would remove, if approved by voters, casino gaming in Pope County.

HJR1009 – An amendment concerning the state highway commission. This amendment would change the name of the Arkansas State Highway Commission to the Arkansas Transportation Commission.

HJR1008 – An amendment to be known as the “Ballot Initiative Reform Amendment.” The amendment if passed would raise the ballot initiative vote requirement from a majority vote to 60% of votes cast.

HJR1007 – An amendment to create the citizens commission on the minimum wage, with the sole authority to implement increases to the minimum wage. The amendment would create a minimum wage commission that would have unilateral power to set the minimum wage in Arkansas.

HJR1006 – An amendment to create a procedure for the recall of a state constitutional officer, a member of the general assembly, or an elected judicial officer. The amendment would install a recall mechanism for constitutional, legislative, and judicial elected officers.

HJR1005 – An amendment to require that certain measures presented to voters for approval shall be approved when receiving at least 60% of votes cast on the measure. The amendment would raise the percentage of votes from a majority to 60% of those cast to adopt a constitutional amendment.

HJR1004 – An amendment concerning the taxation of personal property and real property in the state of Arkansas. The amendment would give the Arkansas General Assembly to power to reduce and eliminate personal and real property taxes by 2047.

HJR1003 – An amendment to provide for the maintenance and operation of libraries, capital improvements to libraries, and the construction of libraries. The amendment would allow voters in city’s with a population of 1,000 or more to seek millage increases to pay for improvements, maintenance and expansion of libraries.

HJR1002 – An amendment providing an annual ad valorem tax for the maintenance and operation of schools and the retirement of indebtedness shall be considered at the annual school election. The amendment would allow school districts are authorized to levy, by a vote of the qualified electors respectively thereof, an annual ad valorem property tax on the assessed value of taxable real, personal, and utility property for the maintenance and operation of schools and the retirement of indebtedness.

SJR2 & SJR10 & HJR1001 – An amendment authorizing the General Assembly to convene itself in extraordinary session. The amendment would allow the Arkansas Speaker of the House and the Pro Tempore of the Senate can call a special session under extraordinary circumstances.