C-Suite: Aaron Bleidt

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Class of 2017 C Suite Aaron Bleidt CEO Vantage Point Communications

Achievements: Created two successful businesses, both centered on showcasing the virtues of the NWA region: CitiScapes magazine, where he served as publisher/editor and owner from 2000 to 2010;
and marketing firm VPC, now in its seventh year, representing a number of the region’s greatest community and cultural assets.

What is it that drives you in your career? A genuine passion for what we do, and for NWA — specifically contributing to projects that really matter and that ultimately create lasting, indelible experiences for folks across all walks of life, whether promoting a performance or art exhibition, or marketing the region to the world. Also the ways that our efforts help foster regional partnerships and collaborations, which in turn create even more opportunities for making NWA great.

What one word best describes you? Grounded.

What are your biggest passions, and why? Art and design, and the concept of collaboration. That, and my love of a good marketing challenge, and working with others to help them achieve.

What’s something interesting about you that people might be surprised to learn? Throughout my 20s, I served in multiple appointed and elected offices, from being an “Arkansas Traveler” White House intern, to serving three terms as a Justice on the Washington County Quorum Court.

What is the next big personal or career challenge you plan to take on? Personally, to publish my in-progress collection of sardonically witty short stories and inspirational meanderings about living life with purpose and the art of happiness.