Super PAC launches to defeat Sarah Sanders, fight Trumpism in Arkansas

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 7,312 views 

A new independent expenditure Super PAC, Liberty and Justice for Arkansas, has formed to “combat Trumpism” and “defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” the Republican candidate for governor.

The LJA group said it plans to hold “right-wing extremists accountable for their actions.”

“The group’s goal is to lead a bipartisan and aggressive effort to combat Trumpism on all fronts leading up to the 2022 General Election and beyond,” it said in a press release on Thursday (June 10). “Liberty and Justice for Arkansas’ first endeavor and priority is to defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

Sanders, former press secretary to President Donald Trump and the daughter of former Gov. Mike Huckabee, announced for Arkansas Governor in January 2021. Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is challenging her for the GOP nomination.

“Arkansans deserve the opportunity for a better tomorrow, that will require leadership with integrity and solutions to the problems faced by everyday Arkansans. That isn’t what Sarah Sanders is offering,” said Celeste Williams, former 3rd District Democratic Congressional candidate and spokesperson for Liberty and Justice for Arkansas. “She’s following a plan to continue dividing us against one another so we forget Arkansas leads the nation in teen pregnancy, is 5th in maternal mortality, and our schools rank 42 in the nation. Sarah Sanders is following the same strategy we’ve seen in Washington over the past four years. We have to stop it from coming home to roost here in Arkansas, for our future, our families, and our democracy.”

The group launched a 30-second video alleging a “master plan” from Trump’s inner circle of family members and advisors, who have expressed political ambition. LJA says Sanders’ bid for governor is the first step in the plan.

The Huckabee campaign responded with a statement to Talk Business & Politics.

“We consider it a badge of honor that a far-left super PAC run by Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer allies recognizes Sarah is a threat to their socialist agenda and is attacking her for standing strong against it,” said Chris Caldwell, campaign manager for Sanders’ gubernatorial bid.

Liberty and Justice for Arkansas filed as a nonprofit with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office in March 2021. Brenda Gullett, a former Democratic State Senator, is listed as the incorporator/organizer for the group.