Hendrix College to lower tuition by 32%

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Hendrix College in Conway announced Friday (Oct. 2) that it will lower its tuition by 32%.

Current tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is listed at $49,140, while the 2021-2022 academic year will be closer to $33,000.

“Hendrix has one of the most generous financial aid programs in the country,” said Hendrix College President Ellis Arnold. “Nevertheless, we know that there are students who would thrive at Hendrix but don’t apply because they’re concerned about the published price.”

“By lowering our tuition, we want to let those students and families know that we hear their concerns and, most importantly, they can come to Hendrix,” said Arnold, adding that the highly-ranked liberal arts college is able to offer generous need- and merit-based financial assistance thanks to philanthropic support from alumni and friends.

Hendrix will continue to offer competitive academic- and need-based scholarships and financial aid to students who apply and are accepted. The school’s web site says that its average financial aid package is “well over $100,000 over four years.”

In recent years, costs have risen dramatically at institutions across the country, including Hendrix. While rising costs are concerning, families rarely pay the full published cost of tuition after financial aid and scholarships are awarded, making the actual cost of attending college difficult to discern.

“Lowering tuition does not mean lowering quality,” said Ryan Cassell, vice president for enrollment. “We recognize that Hendrix is still a significant investment. Reducing tuition is part of a comprehensive commitment to keeping Hendrix within reach for students and families.”

The college said it will provide returning students more information on options regarding lower tuition costs in mid-October, including a tuition-free fifth year of school. Hendrix College decided this summer that it would not offer in-person classes in its fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19.

“We understand that it has been a challenging year,” said Arnold. “While we cannot undo the disruption created by COVID-19 for our current students this ear, we hope that a tuition-free fifth year will allow them the opportunity to have a richer residential and learning experience at Hendrix.”

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