Names revealed for Fort Smith citizens’ millage advisory committee

by Aric Mitchell ( 934 views 

The Fort Smith Public School district has released a list of 32 names who have agreed to serve on the inaugural citizens’ millage advisory committee (CMAC) approved by the school board on July 30.

The committee includes area leaders in banking, transportation, faith-based, and media communities. It also includes current and past Fort Smith educators. A full listing is available on the district’s board book for the Monday (Aug. 13) work session.

The committee was presented as part of an implementation plan to the Board on April 20. The CMAC is “to provide transparency and enhance public confidence in the use of millage funds authorized by voters in May 2018,” according to a memo from the administration.

The purpose of the Committee is to monitor the progress of the millage projects “and recommend ways the district can maximize the potential of the 2018 Millage Projects to the FSPS Board of Directors,” the memo concluded.

At the July meeting, FSPS Superintendent Dr. Doug Brubaker said the final recommendation would be before the Board in August, and that, thus far, “about 30” had shown interest, with “a high percentage” likely to participate. Each of the 32 members will serve a renewable two-year term. All meetings will be open to the public, and the committee is to begin “no later than September 2018.” Committee members are prohibited from having contracts or pending contracts with the district for the 2018 millage projects during their terms on the committee.

Each committee member will need to have good attendance at committee meetings, visit FSPS facilities as needed, and contribute to reports that go before the school board. Committee members can miss no more than two meetings in any calendar year (not including subcommittee meetings) to remain a member. If a member does miss three committee meetings, he can be dropped from the committee. From there, the school board or superintendent has the power to appoint a replacement. The committee will have the power to appoint a chairperson once meetings begin next month.

CMAC meetings will occur a minimum of once per quarter with the option to call more as needed. Other primary responsibilities of the committee include the following:
• Review reports on the current status and planned implementation of the 2018 millage projects to determine whether such status and implementation are consistent with the projects approved by voters;
• Review Millage Project reports that track budgets, encumbrances, expenditures, and estimated costs for completion for each project;
• Review and provide input on FSPS communications to the public regarding the 2018 millage projects;
• With the coordination of the superintendent or superintendent’s designee, conduct on-site campus and facility visits related to millage projects, as needed; and
• Coordinate with the superintendent or designee to provide timely and accurate information related to the millage on the district’s website.

The board likely will cast their votes to affirm the list at the Aug. 27 meeting.