State Lawmakers Adjourn ‘Sine Die’

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 16 views 

The 2013 regular legislation session of the 89th General Assembly ended Friday (May 17).

State lawmakers met at 10 a.m. to conduct their formal adjournment after they recessed on April 19. The formal process is known as “sine die,” a Latin phrase that translates to “without day,” meaning “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing.”

The only way the legislature can come back into regular session after “sine die,” is if the Governor calls a special session.

This session, lawmakers passed major tax cuts, expanding health cares through the “private option,” and approved a $125 million bond package for a $1.1 billion superproject.

After legislators recessed on April 19, Gov. Mike Beebe (D) vetoed three election law measures sponsored by Sen. Bryan King (R-Green Forest).

There was no effort on Friday to override the three bills.