Gov. Beebe Vetoes 3 Election Law Measures

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 77 views 

Gov. Mike Beebe (D) vetoed three more bills as the legislature adjourned until May 17.

The three bills, all sponsored by Sen. Bryan King (R-Green Forest), centered on changes to the election law and governance in the state.

SB 719 – created a voter integrity unit at the Secretary of State’s office
SB 720 – created a procedure for removing of a county board of election commissioners following a public complaint
SB 721 – revised the membership of the State Board of Election Commissioners

In his veto letter, Beebe indicated that the changes prescribed in SB 719 “transfers virtually unfettered investigative power and authority to a partisan-elected official.”

In vetoing SB 720, Beebe said the process sets up a “mandatory, cumbersome and confusing” procedure for processing complaints regarding election commissioners.

Beebe said that SB 721 would make the State Board of Election Commissioners “more, not less, partisan.”

You can read the full letter here.

“The Arkansas County Election Commissions Association (ACECA) sincerely thanks Governor Mike Beebe for his more than justified veto of Senate Bills 719, 720, and 721; and for listening to input from our association and members. These were unnecessary bills that would have blurred the lines separating activities of the Secretary of State and the State Board of Election Commissioners,” said Susan Inman, director for the Arkansas County Election Commission Association.