by Jacob Shy -

Parks and trails and the quality of life

Parks and trails have long been a staple in major cities and smaller communities. When buying or selling a house, this is often a sought-after feature: “only minutes from the…

by Chuck Hyde -

Your 2023 plan is wrong

2023 is here, and no doubt, it arrives with much anticipation, hopes, and perhaps fears and will likely involve important choices and even a big bet or two. In many…

by Holt McConnell -

Why ban TikTok?

On Dec. 2, 2022, the FBI issued a warning about the use of TikTok because of the app’s data collection policies. TikTok policies allow for the capture of sensitive, personally…

by Paul Holmes -

Money issues

Just how confident are we about the economy heading into the new year? American consumers’ confidence in the U.S. economy grew in December as high inflation continued to ease, according…

by Michael Tilley -

Riff Raff: Recipe support

Dr. Seidensticker, a college professor, made me a cassette tape of recordings of music by composers Haydn, Stravinsky, Wagner, and others, although he said Wagner could be tough to follow…

by Paul Holmes -

Connections and communication

For the last several years, we’ve gone to suburban Kansas City to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with my brother Bruce and sister-in-law Lynn. While there, in addition to loads of…

by Stacey Mason -

Improv advice in translation

Most advice is worthy of thorough examination. Often advice about one discipline — with just a bit of translation — has meaning in other disciplines. This translation process allows for…

by Chuck Hyde -

You can’t be what you’re not around

Generally, every season has an off-season. For example, it’s now the baseball off-season. Off-seasons serve at least two primary purposes: rest and recovery from the season that just concluded and…

by Melania Powell -

Tax-efficient investing

There are various types of real estate investments. Each has different tax strategies; however, in this commentary, we will solely focus on direct investment in commercial, residential and multifamily properties….

by Courtney Brown -

Step up for students

The Saturday farmers market was closed, but the River Market was packed to near capacity for the Little Rock School District’s (LRSD) Spirit Fest with excited kids, educators and families….

by Mark Hodges -

I just want it to work

You know the euphoria — when you bought that new gadget, brought it home, followed the instructions, and for some unknown reason, it worked! We all get excited in those…

by Erik Dees -

Manage the mutation

In the 1950s, kids with cystic fibrosis (CF) rarely lived past the age of 10. The lack of understanding of the genetic defect that caused CF left medical researchers aimlessly…