by Clif Chitwood -

Steel in cotton country

In Mississippi County, it has always been about the geography. The land and river determine our economics, our lifestyles and our history. First there was a great hardwood forest, full…

by Michael Tilley -

Riff Raff: A fortunate son

Editor’s note: This essay was first posted May 10, 2009. Happy Mother’s Day! –––––––––––––––– A lot has changed in Mom’s world. The world in 1949, the year of her birth,…

by Angela Lowther -

A smart investment

Self-employment is the dream for many Americans. It offers independence and allows one to determine his or her own success. In Arkansas, particularly in the transportation industry, we have a…

by Martha Londagin -

Beyond just funding

“Brick and Mortar Banks Are Dead” was the headline of a Business Insider story in October 2011. Other sentiments abound on online financing sites, but in a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem…

by Paul Holmes -

A call to action: Vote!

Overheard recently in the Craighead County office of the DF&A — or what most of us would call the state revenue office: Clerk: “Ma’am, are you registered to vote?” Customer…

by Steve Hoeft -

Know your one thing

I saw a good friend over Easter, and he mentioned a recent accident that taught him an important lesson. He had stepped on a tenpenny nail that went deep in…

by Ruth Hawkins -

Connecting the scenery with the dollars

Twenty years ago, some expressed surprise when a route along Crowley’s Ridge in Eastern Arkansas was designated as the state’s first National Scenic Byway through the U.S. Department of Transportation….

by Brandon Cate -

Restaurants, guns and signs

During the 2017 legislative session, Arkansas enacted two new acts concerning public and private places and concealed handguns. While the act concerning concealed handguns on college campuses received much attention,…

by Anton Janik -

Hacking your vote from inside your head

We recently learned some important lessons about the dangers inherent to losing control of your customer data, either through hacking, internal theft, or from poorly designed controls governing what your…