by Mark Zweig -

COVID is not going away

Let’s face it. Despite a wide range of efforts, COVID-19 and all of its current and future variants aren’t going to go away for a long, long time, if ever….

by Collin Riggin -

Electric vehicles: An easy sell

We’ve heard ‘em all. “It won’t work for my daily commute.” Or “There’s nowhere to charge it.” When shopping for a new car, customers’ initial reasons for steering away from…

by Josh Lens -

Flexibility regarding NIL

The NCAA notoriously does not lack for rules. For example, one rule defines “business day” while another dictates when coaches may and may not answer their phones. When I served…

by Stacey Mason -

Understanding how you’re wired

While no personality assessment can perfectly analyze all the behaviors that make you uniquely you, that’s still no reason to shy away from these insightful tools. In fact, I would…

by Greg Kaza -

The shortest recession

The recent announcement by a National Bureau of Economic Research panel that last year’s recession lasted a mere two months is another reminder postwar recessions tend to have short durations….

by Ashley Wardlow -

It takes an ecosystem

A key differentiator that sets the Northwest Arkansas Tech Summit apart from other peer conferences is our focus on emerging trends in the tech space and startups and the ecosystem…

by Natalie Bartholomew -

A personal connection

If you were a marketer in March 2020, you likely took your marketing strategy for the year and threw it in the trash. And if you didn’t, you should have….