by Paul Holmes -

A second chance

This time, says Jerry Morgan of the Jonesboro Advertising and Promotion Commission, it is going to happen. It is the construction of a multi-sports complex in Jonesboro, the largest city…

by Erik Dees -

Lessons from a conman

Notorious conman Victor Lustig was inspired for his next great con while passing through France in 1925. Lustig read a local Parisian newspaper article that noted the ever-increasing cost burden…

by Matt Kendall -

Remain open to change

Most everyone understands homebuying and building got more complicated than usual over the past couple of years as labor, supply and inventory shortages became commonplace. In many ways, those shortages…

by Michael Tilley -

Riff Raff: The dumb cycle

The television ad for an Arkansas GOP candidate for a federal office blasts, “Babies, Borders, Bullets.” The complex is oversimplified because, you know, don’t think; be enraged. Be alarmed. And…

by Paul Holmes -

Those days are gone

In the days when the Arkansas General Assembly met in regular sessions only every other year, I was obligated by the news outlets that employed me to ask local legislators…

by Mark Zweig -

Prepare for the unexpected

Across America, but particularly in Northwest Arkansas, we are in an unprecedented boom period of growth and expansion. Everything looks good. The Northwest Arkansas metro unemployment rate is only 1.5%….

by Michael Tilley -

Riff Raff: A welcome pivot

Self-recognizing a hubris-induced mistake and turning to humility-driven corrective collaboration often results in a better outcome. So it is with the Fort Smith Board of Directors and their collective pivot…

by Trav Baxter -

Strategizing farm succession

For various reasons, fewer and fewer family farms are passing on to the next generation. Recent economic, weather and political events have certainly set forth a bumpy road for those…

by Paul Holmes -

Two little words

I’m often accused by my friends of using 10 words when two will do. OK, I’m guilty. So in an effort to mend my loquacious ways, I’ll focus for the…

by Chuck Hyde -

‘Future-flex’ your business

The 2022 State of Talent Optimization Report is out, and the results are shouting. The Great Resignation (aka, The Big Quit) has dominated headlines. Workers are tired and frustrated, now…

by Randy Zook -

Be Pro Be Proud addressing workforce challenges

Arkansas businesses across the industry spectrum have long-faced a well-known workforce problem: an increasing percentage of their highly technical-skilled employees are at or nearing retirement age and an adequate pipeline…

by Kerri Jackson Case -

Let them read the books

I spent a lot of time growing up in the school library. For reasons smacking of irony, that was where they sent girls who “talked too much” in class. So…