Rep. Boyd wins Senate seat representing Fort Smith

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 1,361 views 

Republicans Rep. Justin Boyd and Sen. Gary Stubblefield survived primary challenges for Arkansas Senate district seats in the Fort Smith metro. Rep. Lee Johnson, R-Greenwood, also defeated a challenger in the GOP primary.

Jim Petty was elected to the Senate District 29 seat that includes Van Buren, most of Crawford County and part of Washington County. Rep. Marcus Richmond, R-Harvey, will face Mike Jones on the June 21 runoff ballot for the House District 52 seat which includes Scott County and parts of Sebastian and Yell counties.

Sen. Bob Ballinger will again face Bryan King in the June 21 runoff for the Senate District 28 seat. The large Senate district covers all of Madison County, and parts of Carroll, Franklin, Johnson and Newton counties.

Following are the vote counts in legislative districts in and connected to the Fort Smith metro.

Senate District 26 (Republican primary)
Sen. Gary Stubblefield: 9,639 (68.2%)
Roy Hester: 4,487 (31.8%)
Stubblefield will face Libertarian Gabriel Andreucetti in the November general election.

Senate District 27 (Republican primary)
Rep. Justin Boyd: 4,865 (70.4%)
Kelly Proctor Pierce: 2,043 (29.6%)
Boyd will face Democrat Rebecca Ward in the November general election.

Senate District 28 (Republican primary)
Sen. Bob Ballinger: 4,459 (29.2%)
Bryan King: 4,854 (31.8%)
Robert Largent: 1,577 (10.3%)
Rep. Keith Slape: 2,936 (19.2%)
Ted Walker: 1,457 (9.5%)
The winner will face Democrat Jim Wallace in the November general election.

Senate District 29 (Republican primary)
Jim Petty: 70.5%
Warren Robertson: 29.5%
(only 50% of precincts reporting)

House District 24 (Republican primary)
Rep. Charlene Fite: 3,164 (63.37%)
Christie Robertson: 1,829 (36.63%

House District 25 (Republican primary)
Jody Harris: 2,203 (49.93%)
Chad Puryear: 2,209 (50.07%)

District 46 (Republican primary)
Rep. Jon Eubanks: 3,676 (69.3%)
Shawn Bates: 1,627 (30.7%)

District 47 (Republican primary)
Rep. Lee Johnson: 3,137 (56.3%)
Wade Dunn: 2,436 (43.7%)

House District 48 (Republican primary)
Max Blake: 1,506 (43.82%)
Ryan Rose: 1,931 (56.18%)

District 50 (Republican primary)
Zack Gramlich: 2,150 (71.3%)
Jim Medley: 866 (28.7%)
The winner will face Libertarian Stephen Edwards and Democrat Diane Osborne in the November general election.

District 52 (Republican primary)
Greg Bland: 1,344 (27.14%)
Mike Jones: 1,491 (30.11%)
Rep. Marcus Richmond: 2,117 (42.75%)
The winner will face Independent John Wayne Catlett in the November general election.