Survey: Arkansans rate election reform, healthcare as top legislative priorities

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National polling firm RABA (Red America, Blue America) released new results Tuesday (March 16) from survey work in Arkansas that offered insight on COVID-19, the state legislature, and public schools.

The survey was conducted March 11, 2021 via telephone interviews with 567 respondents. The margin of error for the results is +/- 4.08 percent.

RABA does polling for a variety of media outlets and private clients. Its principals have worked for partisan clients as diverse as President Barack Obama and Republican U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney. RABA said Arkansas was chosen for the survey because the state legislature is considering several workplace-related bills.

Nearly 90% of Arkansans surveyed said COVID-19 had impacted their lives in a major or minor way.

Q: How has COVID impacted you and your family?

42% COVID has changed things in a major way
45% Things have changed, but only a little bit
13% Things have not changed

The poll asked a litany of questions regarding the current legislature and its focus on unions and trade associations.

Q: Which of the issues do you believe should be the highest priority for the Arkansas legislature to address this year?

25% Healthcare
13% Education
15% Taxes
30% Election reform
17% Something else

Q: Given all that has happened over the past year, do you think now is the right time for
Arkansas’ legislature to consider legislation that weakens employment protections for our health care workers and teachers?

25% Yes
75% No

Q: Do you believe our state’s workers should be able to join an association if they want to?

68% Yes
32% No

Another round of questions centered on public school performance and private school vouchers.

Q: How would you describe Arkansas’ public schools?

6% Excellent
35% Good
26% Fair
24% Poor
9% Unsure

Q: Would you support state lawmakers diverting tax dollars away from public education to use for unaccountable private schools?

24% Support
67% Oppose
9% Unsure

You can read the full survey results at this link.