Staley Technologies partners with global cash management firm CIMA

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Little Rock-based Staley Technologies, a nationwide technology solutions provider, announced a strategic partnership with CIMA, a global cash handling product manufacturer, that will provide innovative smart cash handling solutions and support for businesses across the United States.

This partnership broadens CIMA’s network of capable partners and will connect more operators and owners with a wide range of cash management solutions.

CIMA supplies a broad range of smart safes, back office/front of store recycling systems and software for banking/financial, retail, hospitality, and gaming.

Staley Technologies has eight locations nationwide that provide inventive solutions for the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

“I am extremely excited to welcome Staley Technologies to the CIMA partner network in the USA. We have been looking for key players in the U.S. retail technology space since we established our U.S. office 18 months ago,” said Vik Devjee, vice president of CIMA Cash Handling, America Inc.

“Andrew Faulkner, CEO of Staley, has built an amazing business that is focused on retail and he clearly sees value in helping their clients reduce the cost of managing cash. Staley has an impressive national footprint as well that will allow them to support our mutual customers all around the country. I look forward to working closely with the team and enabling them both at a sales and technical level as quickly as possible,” Devjee said.

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