Arkansas ranks No. 9 on utility affordability list

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 3,795 views 

Arkansas has the ninth most affordable utilities in the United States, and the average utility bill in the state is $388.28 per month, according to a report. The website, which provides information for movers, determined the rankings based on the cost of five utilities: electricity, natural gas, internet, cable and water.

Electricity and internet costs in Arkansas are the third least expensive, while natural gas bills are the 19th highest in the United States, the report shows. Cable and water bills are in line with the national average.

Hawaii has the highest average utility cost at $730.86 per month, and Idaho, the lowest, at $343.71 per month. The average utility bill in the United States is $422.08 monthly, and following are the national averages of each utility per month:

  • Electricity, $125.22
  • Natural gas, $100.53
  • Internet (60 Megabits per second), $62.33
  • Cable, $100
  • Water, $40

For Arkansas, average monthly bills for the previous utilities are $89.52, $107.72, $51.04, $100, and $40, respectively.

Louisiana, with the sixth most affordable utilities, has the lowest average electricity cost at $86.83 per month but has the 10th highest internet bill at $67.24 per month, the report shows.

Mississippi has the 11th most affordable utilities; Tennessee, the 16th most affordable; Texas, the 20th most affordable; Oklahoma, the 19th most expensive; and Missouri, the 16th most expensive.

The complete list is available here.