Mainstream Technologies announces new unit for cybersecurity services

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 360 views 

Little Rock-based Mainstream Technologies announced Thursday (Aug. 30) a new business unit focusing on cybersecurity services.

“Cybersecurity really is different for each and every business,” said President and Chief Security Officer John Burgess. “So the first step is determining exactly what each business should be doing to meet their unique cybersecurity needs through an inventory and risk assessment.

“Our practice is centered on a risk-based approach so that each cybersecurity program is the right fit for each client’s unique situation. Every cybersecurity dollar spent can then be tied to relevant risks instead of generic, unspecified output.”

The new unit’s target clientele includes organizations that are officially regulated, such as those in banking and healthcare. Other organizations not officially regulated but with elevated risks, such as those with a large database of customer information, are also target groups.

Mainstream officials say the company undergoes a rigorous, independent audit and certification of its own hosting and managed IT services on an annual basis.