American Marksman to expand Searcy operations, add 100 jobs

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 736 views 

American Marksman Arkansas is expanding its operation in Searcy, Ark., and will add 100 manufacturing jobs in the near future.

The company is a recycler and manufacturer of ammunitions and weapons accessories.

“We at American Marksman are proud and honored to be part of our nation’s military support structure and bring our operations to Searcy,” said American Marksman CEO, Thomas A. K. Schmidt. “We would like to thank Governor Asa Hutchinson, his staff, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, Searcy Regional Economic Development Corporation (SREDC), Searcy Regional Chamber of Commerce (SRCC) and the City of Searcy for all their hard work and support of this project.  We look forward to working with the Great State of Arkansas and continuing to grow our business operations within the state.”

Employment payroll is expected to be more than $2 million over the next five years.

“Our expansion into Searcy, Arkansas, is a part of our continuing efforts to create local job development throughout the United States,” Schmidt said. “Our manufacturing facility in Arkansas is a development milestone for our efforts to have significant financial impact on the local communities we serve.”

Arkansas Economic Development Executive Director Mike Preston said Arkansas’ workforce is one of the reasons why companies such as American Marksman choose to locate and expand in the state.

“We have proven time and time again that Arkansas has the talent and the business climate companies need to succeed,” Preston said. “There has been a great deal of momentum in the ammunitions and firearms industry over the past several months, and I am excited to watch businesses such as American Marksman grow and prosper here.”

“The Searcy Regional Economic Development Corporation (SREDC) and Searcy Regional Chamber of Commerce are focused on attracting new jobs and capital investment to our area,” said Buck Layne, Chamber President and SREDC Agent. “American Marksman represents the quality company we are seeking which offers good-paying jobs with benefits that will improve our citizen’s quality of life. We are proud to welcome American Marksman to our business community.”