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Editor’s Note: Marie Clapper is executive producer for “Focus on Suppliers.”

Environmental sustainability is such an important issue in today’s retail industry, so we’ve devoted an entire upcoming episode of “Focus on Suppliers” to that topic.

That show, first airing Saturday (Oct. 29), offers advice on reducing negative effects on the environment, specifically for packaged goods companies. 

Sustainability is a key focus for Wal-Mart Stores. After all, most things in the stores are in packages, and the impact packaging has on the environment is significant.

“Focus on Suppliers” guests Laura Phillips (Walmart senior vice president of sustainability) and Ashley C. Hall (senior manager of sustainability at Walmart) discuss Walmart’s Sustainability Mission Statement, in addition to its new Sustainability Playbook, which will be available at the Oct. 25 Walmart Sustainable Packaging Summit and also as a download on

To meet sustainability standards, suppliers must look at the big picture, while never forgetting that the devil is in the details.

Ron Sasine, principal at Hudson Windsor in Bella Vista, discusses specifics during his interview with “Focus on Suppliers” host Neile Jones, including how to begin and execute a sustainability plan to reduce, recycle and reuse.

Sasine recommends starting with a detailed record on the company’s current processes and packaging components. 

Kerry Bailey, director of retail at Menasha Corp. in Fayetteville, gives suggestions about some of the advances happening in packaging and how suppliers can grow their bottom lines while improving sustainability scorecards.

Topics discussed include lightweighting, alternative materials, end-to-end value that uses less energy and a “top-sheet strategy.”


New Hosts Announced

Starting this fall, two noted people in the Northwest Arkansas business community will join Jones to host “Focus on Suppliers.”

Don Harris will be featured on “The Heart of Business in Northwest Arkansas,” a favorite feature on “Focus on Suppliers” that highlights the good works of local nonprofit groups. Harris has nearly 24 years of experience working for Walmart and has worked closely with many of the charitable organizations, including The Children’s Miracle Network.

Blake Woolsey will pick up the microphone to talk with guests at community events as well as during special show segments. Woolsey, who has been executive vice president at Fayetteville public relations firm Mitchell for eight years, is considered one of the top corporate coaches and trainers in the country. She is the first person in Arkansas to hold the distinction of Certified Master Facilitator. 


Coming up on ‘Focus on Suppliers’

The show regularly broadcasts weekly on KNWA-NBC at 6:30 p.m. Saturdays and 5 a.m. Sundays.


Oct. 29: Sustainability in Your Supply Chain

8th & Walton – Joel Graham

CaseStack – Colby Beland

Hudson Windsor – Ron Sasine

Menasha – Kerry Bailey

Saatchi & Saatchi X – Jessica Hendrix

StartupJunkie –Jeff Amerine

Wal-Mart Stores – Laura Phillips, Ashley Hall


Nov. 5: “Retail-tainment

AW Bravis – Angie Smith

Jakks – Carmen Harmon

LA Darling – Mary Callender

NWA Food Bank – Kent Eikenberry

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Startup Junkie – Jeff Amerine

Wal-Mart Stores – Jamie Sohosky 

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