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Wal-Marts Chief Information Officer Karenann Terrell to exit Feb. 24

Terrell joined Walmart in December 2010 and was promoted to chief information officer in February 2012. For the past six years she has had the responsibility for the largest segments of the global Walmart Technology portfolio including Information Systems Division (ISD), Global Back Office Solutions, and Data and Analytics overseeing more than 5,000 technologist around the world.

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Low-Key Leader

With little fanfare, Crafton Tull chairman Tom Hopper retires, two months shy of 47 years with company

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Obamacare in crosshairs (OPINION)

President-elect Donald Trump has implied he might aim to modify the existing healthcare law over repeal, but as the civics lesson of 2016 has taught us, rhetoric and policy are not necessarily one in the same.