Cook: Arkansas Democratic Congressional Candidates Get National Help

by Michael Cook ( 6 views 

Two years ago, Arkansas Democrats’ nominees for Congress didn’t get much, if any, help from the national party. This year. however, it appears the Democratic Congressional nominees might get much needed support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Today Politico reports that all three Democratic Congressional nominees, Jackie McPherson, Pat Hays and James Lee Witt, were placed in the DCCC’s top recruit programs.

Specifically Hays is now in the DCCC’s “Red to Blue” program which is for its top recruits in competitive races. What this means is the national party will provide significant resources to support Hays, either through advertising, staffing or direct contributions. Being in the “Red to Blue” program also signals to big donors these are candidates the DCCC would like them to fund.

According to Hays’ last filing with the FEC, which covers the last quarter of last year, he raised $229,000. Obviously, Hays raised more than that over the past three months.

McPherson and Witt made the DCCC’s “Emerging Races” program, which is for races that have the potential to become competitive.

I will admit it’s curious that Witt has not yet made the “Red to Blue” program. He outraised Hays last quarter by bringing in $244,000 and, of course, has raised more since then. The DCCC has a specific list of actions they demand candidates meet before approving him/her for the “Red to Blue” program, so hopefully Witt will soon fulfill those requirements.

McPherson just entered the race a week ago and it’s too soon to determine his fundraising capacity.

But the good news for Witt and McPherson is that they’re on the DCCC’s radar screen and hopefully will move to the “Red to Blue” program soon enough.

This cycle, Arkansas Democrats recruited three congressional candidates who all have strong backgrounds in running government effectively and for getting things done for the people of Arkansas.