When Democrats Attack Democrats

by Jason Tolbert (jasontcpa@yahoo.com) 5 views 

It is getting bad for Democrats in Arkansas this year. How bad you ask? So bad that they are now attacking each other in an attempt to score some political points. But it looks like the latest attempt might have backfired.

If you have not heard, there was a bit of a mix-up with the name of Democratic State Senate candidate in District 28 – “State Representative Tiffany Rogers.”  In short, since Rogers listed “Representative” instead on “Rep.” in her filing for office, the electronic early voting machines cut of the last three letters with the name listed as “State Representative Tiffany Rog…”  The error was caught early on and signs were placed in the voter booths explaining the error.

Not good enough for the Democratic Party of Arkansas who sent out a press release attacking the White County Election Commission, which is made up of two Democrats and one Republican. “Elections in White County Compromised Due to Election Commission Mistake,” reads the release title.

“A citizen has filed an affidavit which asks the White County Election Commission to correct their error immediately and to ensure that Tiffany Rogers’ name is corrected on the ballot. We fully expect that the Commission will own up to their responsibility to the hard-working taxpayers of White County who deserve the right to vote in an election that adheres to the law,” said Candace Martin, spokeswoman of The Democratic Party of Arkansas.

This did not sit well with White County Commissioner Winston Collier, who is also a Democrat.

“The Democratic Party of Arkansas’ spinning of this is mischaracterized and inaccurate,” Collier told the local Searcy Daily Citizen. “The allegation that the election commission has made some kind of error and the insinuation that there has been some kind of sinister reason that her name reads as it reads on the ballot is troubling and simply not true.”

Rogers faces incumbent Republican Sen. Jonathan Dismang in a seat that Democrats are targeting heavily as they believe it is a chance to pick up a seat in an otherwise difficult year.  Apparently, they are even willing to attack local Democrats to do so.