Bill Clinton Calls On Country To Stick With Obama

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 114 views 

Wednesday night, Former President Bill Clinton delivered a 48-minute sermon to Democrats and the nation calling for four more years of President Barack Obama’s leadership.

The prime-time speech at the Charlotte Democratic National Convention was vintage Clinton, complete with ad-lib riffs and a professorial lecture-style that included copious rebuttals to Republican messaging on a wide variety of subjects.

The auditorium crowd soaked it up.

““The most important question is, what kind of country do you want to live in? If you want a you’re-on-your-own, winner-take-all society, you should support the Republican ticket. If you want a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility — a we’re-all-in-this-together society — you should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” Clinton said.

He used his time to discuss differences between Republican political positions and Obama’s agenda often drawing on his Presidential experience and the battles he fought with the GOP.

Clinton’s remarks touched on health care, budgets, the federal debt, jobs and the economy.

“No president, no president — not me or any of my predecessors, no one, could have repaired all the damage he found in just four years. But he [Obama] has laid the foundation for a new, modern, successful economy, of shared prosperity, and if you renew the President’s contract you will feel it. You will feel it.”

Clinton, who spent 12 years as Arkansas Governor and 8 years as President, also discussed the current political climate, which he described as lacking a desire to work together. He criticized Republican leaders who he said have made it a higher priority to see Obama fail than America succeed.

“Democracy does not have to be a bloodsport. It can be an honest enterprise,” Clinton said. “One reason we need to reelect President Obama is he is still committed to constructive cooperation.”

The Romney campaign did not issue a statement after Clinton’s remarks; however, earlier in the day it released a pre-emptive statement that said “when it comes to the economy, President Obama just can’t match President Clinton.”

The release touched on high gas prices, manufacturing jobs, unemployment, and food stamps.