Beebe’s Commitment To Legislative Candidates Is On Display

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 103 views 

Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, Arkansas Democrats held a star-studded event with a former President and various celebrities.

Movie star Ashley Judd, Adrien Grenier from the HBO show “Entourage”, and from the Black Eyed Peas were all on hand to honor former President Bill Clinton on the 20-year anniversary of  his receiving the Presidential Democratic nomination.

But wait, where was Governor Mike Beebe? Wasn’t the Arkansas Governor at this exclusive event hosted by the DPA? Nope.

At literally the exact same time as the ritzy Charlotte event occurred Tuesday night, Mike Beebe was in Malvern, Arkansas campaigning for Senator Mike Fletcher. Beebe had previously committed to appear at the Fletcher fundraiser before the Clinton event was scheduled and to Beebe’s credit, he happily kept that commitment.

While some Arkansas Democrats were partying and hanging out with celebrities in the Westin’s Ballroom in Charlotte, Mike Beebe was at the Malvern Community Center campaigning for a Democratic State Senator.

If that doesn’t prove Governor Beebe’s commitment to getting Arkansas Democratic legislative candidates elected, then nothing will.

Mike Beebe remains extremely popular and legislative Democratic candidates are smartly tying themselves to Beebe and his agenda. Arkansas voters have a choice this fall when casting their ballots for legisaltive candidates.  They can vote for candidates who will work with Governor Beebe on his agenda to balance the budget, create jobs, and strengthen public education or they can vote for candidates who’ll give tax breaks to rich folks, wreck the state budget and gut public school funding.

That’s what this year’s legislative elections are all about, which makes it a very clear choice this November.

Editor’s Note: Michael Cook is an opinion blogger for Talk Business and is a paid political strategist.  His State Senate clients include Mike Fletcher.