No Foul Balls From Paintball Company

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 87 views 

This item from a recent Bentonville Planning Commission agenda caught our attention because testing paintball equipment sounds like a cool way to make a living. We also were unaware a leading maker and distributor of paintballs and related sporting goods is based in Bentonville.

KEE Action Sports LLC, at 1201 S.E. 30th St., has developed a new line of products aimed (pardon the pun) at younger players. These are made on a smaller scale than traditional paintball products, with paintballs one-third the size of a standard paintball.

The guns are exclusively pump and spring-powered, and shoot only 110-140 feet per second, as opposed to the 280-300 feet per second of a traditional paintball gun. The differences translate into a shot carrying one-tenth the energy of standard paintball equipment.

Needing space in which to test and demonstrate its new products, the company wants to use a field directly behind its offices for these purposes. KEE asked the city for permission to erect netting, supported by 20-foot-tall columns, around the proposed testing area to keep paintballs “from leaving KEE’s premises.”

The request was approved.