Girls Inc. crowd gathers in Fort Smith for crawfish

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 191 views 

Around 200 people gathered Saturday (May 12) at the Fort Smith home of LuAnn and George Moschner to enjoy a Crawfish Boil and raise money for Girls Inc. of Fort Smith.

It’s the second year the Moschner’s have opened their home to the event, and members of the Girls Inc. Board of Directors underwrite most of the costs of the event, which included a full meal that included potatoes, corn on the cob, turnip greens, desserts, adult beverages, gumbo and, of course, crawfish.

“This is a testament to what a great board we have … to step up and do this for our girls,” said Amanda Daniels, executive director of Girls Inc. of Fort Smith.

Daniels noted that board member Jennifer Kelly donated all the crawfish, and thanked the Moschners for opening up their home.

Daniels, who was hired three months ago to lead the organization, estimated the event would raise about $3,500. Daniels has spent much of her time working to clean the building and grounds owned and operated by the organization. The more noticeable changes include new landscaping and a garden built and managed by the girls.

Girls Inc. works to provide a “safe environment with educational and recreational programs that encourage girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges,” notes their website.

On a broader scale, the organization lobbies local, state and national political leaders about girls’ needs.

The website also notes: “The organization educates the media about critical issues facing girls. In addition, the organization teaches girls how to advocate for themselves and their communities using their voices to promote positive change.”

When Board Member Greg Carman was asked about the importance of the event and the organization, Anthony Sims jumped in with an answer.

“It’s all for the betterment of the kids. That simple,” Sims said.

“What he said,” a smiling Carman responded, pointing to Sims.