Arkansas Democrats Take Steps To Ignore Voters To Help Obama

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 144 views 

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Today, the Democratic Party of Arkansas took unbelievable steps to ensure that their anointed one – President Barack Obama – is not embarrassed in the upcoming Democratic Primary by not winning all the state's delegates.

A recent Talk Business poll taken in the Fourth District showed the unknown Democratic Presidential primary candidate John Wolfe is trailing Obama by only seven points with Obama only garnering 45 percent of the vote.  This made national headlines as pundits began to speculate that Obama could be embarrassed with Wolfe winning a sizable amount of delegates.

Enter the Democratic Party of Arkansas who could not allow this to happen to President Obama.  According to a report from the Associated Press, the DPA announced today that they are denying Wolfe any delegates on a technicality no matter how Arkansans vote.

“The national Democratic Party has informed us that Mr. Wolfe isn't a candidate who's been participating in good faith. He's been completely non-compliant with the Arkansas delegate selection plan,” DPA spokesperson Candace Martin told the AP.

It seems there is some sort of paperwork that Wolfe failed to complete that they are pointing to.  how to make money online

resources/delegate-selection-docs/”>According to their rules, any candidate that receives 15 percent is entitled to delegates.  There is little doubt that Wolfe – as the candidate not named Barack Obama – will receive a much higher percentage.

But that would be unacceptable to the Party bigwigs to allow anyone not loyal to Obama as part of their delegation.  Never mind that Wolfe drove himself all night from his home in Chattanooga to Little Rock to plop down $2,500 of his own money for the privilege of appearing on Democratic ballots in Arkansas.

In an interview Thursday night, Wolfe told me that he had no warning from the Democratic Party and that they would not even return his phone calls.  He found out about it when a reporter called to ask him for a response.

“It's obvious the party wants a coronation, not a nomination, of the Chosen One, the Dear Leader. Yes, the same party that is suing states for requiring that voters have ID won't honor the choice voters make at the ballot box. They are abusing the word Democratic, big 'D' or small,” said Wolfe.

He said that he is not sure if the decision is final and questioned if the requirements are constitutional.

But he is right about one thing – this seems like some major hypocrisy from a Democratic Party constantly beating the drumbeat that a voter ID law would deny the rights of seniors and low-income voters.  According to them, showing a photo ID is way too much to ask of someone in order to vote, but ignoring the votes of thousands in their own party – they've got no problem with that.