Rick Crawford Wants Your Facebook Password

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 40 views 

According to various media reports, there is a disturbing new trend of some employers asking potential employees for their Facebook passwords during job interviews.  It’s a gross violation of privacy and some U.S. Senators have called for investigations into this practice.

On Tuesday, a measure came before the Congress that would have let the Federal Communications Commission prevent employers from forcing workers to reveal their Facebook or other social media passwords.

Who would ever support forcing a person to give out the password to their Facebook page to an employer?  1st District Congressman Rick Crawford would.

Crawford voted the other day against stopping employers from snooping around your personal Facebook page [House vote: HR 3309, Vote #137, 3/27/12].

To get Congressman Crawford’s side of the story, Wednesday morning I asked his communications director, Justin Gibbs, for a comment.  As of yet, I have not heard back, but if I do this story will be updated with his comments.

Being on the wrong side of an invasion of privacy issue is not a smart move for Crawford in an election year, or any year for that matter.

Of course, this is same Congressman who signed a pledge promising to oppose all tax increases and then turned around an proposed a tax increase, so there’s no telling on which side of an issue Rick Crawford will be on during any particular part of the day.