Fort Smith Junior Cotillion Fall Dance

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It is not too late to enroll your child for the 17th Season of Fort Smith Junior Cotillion.
Enroll them now and later they will say, “Thank you, Mom!” and “Thank you, Dad!”

Fort Smith Junior Cotillion students receive quality instruction in dance as well as the necessary social graces and customs that will serve them for a lifetime. These lessons prepare your child for social events – weddings, dances, fund-raisers, church socials, picnics, etc., in a FUN, non-threatening environment. Students are often nervous and hesitant at first, but find themselves laughing and having a wonderful time within minutes of their arrival. This is one of the easiest ways for your child to increase their self confidence and develop self esteem.
FSJC requires only six evenings for one and a half hours each. During each combined dance event and etiquette lessons, the students have the opportunity to develop social skills that last a lifetime and show up on their resume’! Students completing three or more years of the program earn a letter of reference which can be influential when applying for scholarships, private schools, Boys/Girls State, Governors School, sororities/fraternities and jobs.