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by Jason Tolbert -

Views From Tampa: The Turista Caucus

Arkansas delegates to the Republican National Convention will be submitting guest posts this week from Tampa.  This one is from Pulaski GOP Chairman K. Ryan James. Back home in Little…

by Jason Tolbert -

Scott Ellington Might Get Some Money… Maybe

A story from my left-leaning blogging friend, Ryan Saylor, made its way into several newspapers in east Arkansas today, including the Paragould Daily Press. His story quotes the Democratic Congressional…

by Jason Tolbert -

Akin Should Drop Out

As a conservative blogger focused on Arkansas politics, I doubt seriously that Missouri candidates or voters care much what may opinion is.  Nevertheless, I feel like weighing in a little…

by Jason Tolbert -

Press Release From Scott Ellington

I received a press release yesterday from the Prosecuting Attorney from the Second Judicial District.  It says that Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington is asking the state police to open an…

by Jason Tolbert -

History Repeating Itself With Herb Rule

Doubtless by now you have read about Democratic 2nd District Congressional Candidate Herb Rule’s arrest for DWI in Fayetteville last night.  He insists he “was not drunk” and vows to…

by Jason Tolbert -

Alex Reed’s Infamous Republican Speech

You have probably heard by now about the Secretary of State communications director Alex Reed’s speech he made at a Union County Republican Committee meeting on Monday. A reporter for…