Women in Business: Jennifer Welch

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Class of 2024 C Suite Jennifer Welch Managing Broker Lindsey & Associates; Bentonville

Residence: Gentry

Education: NA

Professional background: With nearly 20 years of experience in Northwest Arkansas, Welch closed over 200 residential sales worth nearly $60 million in the past five years. Formerly an executive broker for Crye-Leike Realtors, she accepted a leadership position two years ago with Lindsey & Associates, a firm with more than 200 full-time agents across three offices. Welch is president of the Arkansas Realtors Association, one of the state’s largest and most influential associations with over 10,000 members, and a past president of the Northwest Arkansas Board of Realtors.

What do you think of the opportunities that exist for women in business compared with when you started? Over 62% of Realtors are women, and this number has risen nearly 5% since 2015. I’ve observed this steady increase since I began in 2005. Women often excel in building relationships and networks, which are crucial skills in real estate. Today, opportunities for women are abundant, not just in real estate but in every profession. With consistency and hard work, anything is possible!

What are some of the leadership skills that helped you move up in your organization? Skills that have helped me advance throughout my career include being a good communicator, being open to new ideas and change, asking questions, studying policies, and always being willing to jump in and help. Maintaining a positive attitude and smiling, even when it’s challenging, is crucial. It’s about making others feel better, happier and more confident.

How should women support other women in their organizations? Women should support other women in their organizations by being kind and willing to help. While we may be competitors, it’s important to remember that we are all human. We make mistakes and need encouragement. A good approach I was once taught is to always consider how you would like to be treated and extend that same respect and support to others.

What is the best leadership advice you have ever received? The best leadership advice I’ve ever received is to be a servant leader. Show grace and remember that your responsibility is to love and serve those in your care, while empowering them to learn and grow.

What is the most fulfilling part of your work? In sales, I find immense satisfaction in helping others turn a house into a home. I love being part of the process. Buying and selling can be overwhelming, and it’s humbling to be entrusted with the opportunity to assist. We help families build generational wealth, which is incredibly rewarding.

In brokering, I enjoy supporting my agents as they learn and grow, enabling them to achieve success.

In my presidency, I’ve cherished the relationships I’ve developed with agents across our state. Traveling to the 25 other Realtor boards, meeting their leadership, AEs, and members, and providing support where needed has been a highlight. Being part of something bigger than ourselves is truly fulfilling!

What’s the most recent book you’ve read? I haven’t had much time for reading this year, so podcasts have been my go-to while traveling. I’m currently listening to Ronda Conger. When I do find time to read, I enjoy anything by Colleen Hoover. Suspense novels are the perfect way to unwind.

What is something distinctive that people would be surprised to know about you? People would be surprised to know that I don’t particularly love being behind a podium or talking into a microphone. I prefer to be part of the room, in the middle of the crowd. I’m extremely outgoing by nature and crave being with others. Those connections energize me!

Who was a big mentor to you in the early part of your career? My dad was a significant mentor to me in the early part of my career. Being self-employed, he worked tirelessly seven days a week to support our family. His determination and relentless drive were inspiring. He encouraged me to become a Realtor and to envision and plan the life I wanted.

What do you do to relax when not working? Although the work never completely stops for us as women, I enjoy spending time at the beach with family and friends a few times a year. There’s nothing quite like a week at the white sand beaches in Florida to recharge and reset. These trips truly do restore my soul and allow me to return home to my daily routine feeling refreshed and ready to get back to business.