Sales tax revenue dips in top Northwest Arkansas cities 

by Kim Souza ([email protected]) 570 views 

Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers and Springdale cumulatively had sales tax revenue of $9.614 million in the May report posted by the cities, down 0.51% from a year ago. May was the third consecutive month for flat or fractional revenue growth for the four cities.

Springdale had the best results in the May report, with revenue of $2.104 million, up 4.84% from a year ago. Year to date, Springdale’s revenue totals $9.913 million, up 2.52% from the $9.669 million reported a year ago. Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse said the city added 1,100 new jobs last year, and he is not surprised by the steady but slower growth in sales tax revenue.

Rogers was the only other city in the group to post positive results, with sales tax revenue of $2.469 million, up 1.9% from a year ago. Rogers has seen mixed results in the first five reporting months of 2024, with gains of 37.9% in the March report followed by a fractional decrease in April.

Rogers reports year-to-date sales tax revenue of $12.681 million, up 9.33% from the same five months last year. The city budgeted for 12.85% growth for this year and is on track to meet that goal through five months despite the lackluster reports in January, April and May.

Bentonville continued its downward trajectory in the May report with revenue totaling $2.356 million, down 7.24% from double-digit growth a year ago. Bentonville has reported four straight months of sales tax declines from the same periods last year. Year to date, the city’s revenue totaled $10.516 million, down 9.27% from a year ago.

Fayetteville, the largest city by population in the group, reported sales tax revenue of $2.684 million, down 0.31% from a year ago and well below the 4.32% reported last month. The city’s year-to-date sale tax receipts total $13.194 million, up 1.45% and below the city’s budget goals for 2024. Mayor Lionel Jordan said recently that Fayetteville is coming off a record year for sales tax receipts and remains optimistic for growth, though it may be a bit slower.

Sales Tax Revenue (reported January-May)
2024: $10.516 million
2023: $11.26 million
down 9.27%

2024: $13.194 million
2023: $13.083 million
up 1.45%

2024: $12.781 million
2023: $11.598 million
up 9.33%

2024: $9.913 million
2023: $9.669 million
up 2.52%