House runoffs decided in 3 races

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 448 views 

Three runoff races held Tuesday (April 2) have settled the party nominees in Arkansas House of Representatives seats in the Delta and Southwest Arkansas.

In House District 35, Democrat Jessie McGruder defeated opponent Raymond Whiteside.

District 35
Jessie McGruder – 429
Raymond Whiteside – 296

McGruder now faces Republican Robert Thorne, Jr. in the general election.

In House District 63, Democrat Lincoln Barnett defeated opponent Fred Leonard.

District 63
Lincoln Barnett – 601
Fred Leonard – 474

Barnett faces Republican Tammi Bell in the general election.

In House District 88, Republican Dolly Henley defeated opponent Arnetta Bradford.

District 88
Dolly Henley – 1,328
Arnetta Bradford – 1,028

Henley faces Libertarian Tammy Goodwin in the general election.

Election results are from the Secretary of State’s office and are unofficial.