Eddie Joe Williams resigns from Corrections post

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 288 views 

Former State Senator Eddie Joe Williams, who was recently tabbed for an interim post with the Board of Corrections, has resigned.

Williams sent a letter to the board that reads:

“As we have previously discussed, if I was unable to accomplish my goals while working with the Department of Corrections, I would gladly step aside. Numerous times before and during our executive meeting, we discussed the goals of expanding prison beds, hiring and retaining employees and bringing stakeholders together. I regretfully find myself in the position today that I am unable to accomplish those and must step aside.

“This took on a life of its own, with assumptions being made by all, the moment the motion was made to hire me as ‘interim Secretary’ for the Department. This is something I guarded against in multiple conversations.

“For the good of Arkansans, I hope the environment we find ourselves in can be quickly resolved so we can go about the business of making Arkansas the safest place it can be. I believe this is a passion we can all agree on.”

Williams was named to the position after the Board of Corrections fired Gov. Sarah Sanders’ appointee, Joe Profiri.

The governor’s office provided this statement to Talk Business & Politics on Williams’ departure.

“The Governor appreciates Eddie Joe Williams’ service and respects his decision to do the right thing and follow the law. The Board of Corrections knows that it is only the governor who selects and nominates the secretary,” Sanders’ spokesperson Alexa Henning said.

“Sen. Williams made the right and honorable decision by refusing to accept the illegal appointment offered by the Board of Corrections. I appreciate and applaud his clarity of thought and strength of character at a critical and undoubtedly stressful time,” added Attorney General Tim Griffin.

The governor, attorney general, and the Board of Corrections are mired in litigation over the appointment and firing of a corrections secretary.

A request for comment has been made to the Board of Corrections. Talk Business & Politics will update this story later today.