Hendrix College announces new scholarships for admitted students

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 256 views 

New first-year students admitted to Hendrix College for the 2024-2025 academic year will pay no more in tuition and fees than they would at their home state’s public flagship institution, as part of the College’s newly expanded Tuition Advantage scholarship program.

New first-year students will now receive a Tuition Advantage scholarship automatically upon their admission to Hendrix. The scholarship amounts are based on the published tuition and fees at the public flagship university in the students’ home states. The most recently published tuition and fees estimate for the University of Arkansas is $9,784.

Previously, when the program was originally introduced in 2019, admitted students were considered for Tuition Advantage scholarships after a holistic review of their academic record, as well as leadership, extracurricular, and volunteer activities.

The College decided to award Tuition Advantage scholarships to all admitted first-year students to increase transparency, eliminate the uncertainty around the review process, and reassure students and families that Hendrix is affordable.

“Students and families should not be confused or frustrated by a lack of clarity around cost,” said Hendrix College President Karen Petersen, who recently experienced the admission and financial aid process firsthand as a parent of a current college student. “I know that we can and should do more to reassure students and families that a four-year education at Hendrix is affordable and valuable.”

Many students and families see added value in private residential colleges like Hendrix, but they may not apply because they assume it will cost much more than a public school, Petersen said.

“We hope Tuition Advantage will reduce uncertainty and anxiety in the application process by affirming for students and their families that a Hendrix education is within their reach,” she said.

In addition to Tuition Advantage, students can bring in outside scholarships, as well as state and federal aid, to further reduce the cost of their Hendrix education, according to Ryan Cassell, vice president for enrollment and dean of admission.

“Every year, we learn of strong students who do not even consider Hendrix because they think it will not be financially attainable,” said Cassell, who encourages any student interested in Hendrix to apply for admission and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible. “By being clear about cost before the application stage, we want to empower students and families to make the most informed decision possible.”

For more information on Tuition Advantage, visit www.hendrix.edu/tuitionadvantage.