Harriet and Warren Stephens Family Foundation gifts $25 million to Episcopal Collegiate School on 25th anniversary

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Last week on its 25th anniversary, the Episcopal Collegiate School of Little Rock’s foundation was gifted $25 million by the Harriet and Warren Stephens Family Foundation.

The donation commemorated the school’s milestone and will support academic excellence and enhance the long-term sustainability of the school.

“It has been a remarkable 25 years at Episcopal Collegiate School, a testament to the efforts of all involved – from our founders, to the students, alumni, faculty, staff and their families. Since its founding in 1998, our school has not only become a source of pride in Little Rock, but a renowned school of national prominence,” said Dr. Jamie Griffin, Head of Episcopal Collegiate School.

“As we build on our achievements in education, this gift, from The Harriet and Warren Stephens Family Foundation, will have a tremendous impact on our community. Moreover, it reflects Mr. and Mrs. Stephens’ commitment to ensuring that Episcopal Collegiate School provides an exceptional educational experience. We are grateful for their continued support and unwavering dedication to our school,” Griffin added.

The $25 million gift will ensure Episcopal Collegiate maintains extraordinary facilities, provides an exceptional safe and secure learning environment, affords professional compensation and benefits to faculty and staff, and the highest quality educational program while keeping tuition at a level that enables access to as many students as possible.

“Our family’s commitment to Episcopal Collegiate began in 1996, when my husband and I came together with a small group of parents and educators to create a school focused on personal and academic excellence,” said Harriet Stephens.

“We believed that high quality education has the power to be transformative, and in the spirit of the Episcopal tradition, wanted to provide a meaningful and inclusive educational experience to the children of Central Arkansas. As we reflect on the past 25 years, we are so proud of what the school’s community has accomplished and look forward to what’s to come. It is our great hope that Episcopal Collegiate School continues to fulfill its mission and purpose for future generations,” Stephens said.