AG Griffin shifting office to historic Boyle Building in money-saving move

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 995 views 

Attorney General Tim Griffin on Tuesday (Aug. 8) said he will move his offices from the Tower Building in downtown Little Rock to the historic Boyle Building one block over. The move will result in savings to the state in the long-run, he said.

“Over the past few decades, the taxpayers have paid about $30 million in rent for the Attorney General’s office space. This move saves taxpayer dollars because the state will eventually own the building and eliminate the annual rent my office pays. In the short term, we will save on rent.

“In addition to saving tax dollars, this move will save a historic structure at the corner of Capitol and Main in downtown Little Rock, the symbolic center of our capital city. It is a win for Little Rock as it will clean up a blighted area downtown and allow for new commercial development on Main Street. As I have often said, ‘as goes our capital city, so goes our state.’”

The AG’s office is paying $1,442,060 in rent in 2024 in the current Tower Building lease. In the Boyle Building, rent is estimated at $1,653,000, with first floor office and retail income expected to offset expenses by a total of $374,490, leaving annual rent at $1,278,510, according to information provided by the AG’s office.

Griffin said renovations should be complete in late 2024. The 12-floor, 91,000-square-foot building will be redeveloped by Moses Tucker Partners starting later this month. Once renovations are complete, the Office of the Attorney General will occupy the building under a 20-year lease, with the state having the option to purchase the building after the fifth year.

“Repurposing a historic building instead of building a new one makes more sense in terms of sustainability and efficiency. This building will serve Arkansans as the home of the Office of the Attorney General for generations to come and will reflect the history, heritage, culture, resourcefulness and vision of our state,” Griffin said. “This project is a win for taxpayers, a win for economic development, a win for historic preservation and a win for efficiency.”

The Boyle Building was built in 1909 as the “State Bank Building” and was the state’s tallest building at completion. It was designed by one of Arkansas’ premier architects, George Richard Mann, who also designed the State Capitol.

Real estate developer Johnny Boyle purchased the building in 1916 and owned it for over 80 years. The building, located at the intersection of Capitol Avenue and Main Street, has been vacant for almost 25 years.