State Treasurer Mark Lowery to resign Sept. 30 due to medical issues

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 841 views 

Arkansas Treasurer of State Mark Lowery, R-Maumelle, will resign from his office on Sept. 30, 2023 after suffering his second stroke this year.

Lowery, who was elected to the statewide post in November after serving in the Arkansas Legislature, suffered a stroke in March but subsequently had another stroke in early June as he was returning to the office.

Gov. Sarah Sanders will appoint a replacement to the office. The State Treasurer’s office said Chief of Staff Stephen Bright and Deputy Treasurer Eric Munson will continue to run the office until an appointment is made.

A statement from Lowery’s family read, “It was the joy of his life traveling across Arkansas and building lasting relationships with constituents throughout the state. Every moment of every day, he lived his dream by serving others and fighting for Arkansans.”

“Treasurer Lowery has been a dedicated public servant and has had a successful political and professional career that spans over 30 years. We are incredibly sad to see him retire, and his leadership will be missed,” Bright said. “Treasurer Lowery knew his greatest asset was his amazing staff. He adored the staff, and he boasted about them every chance he had. The Treasurer loved spending time with his team and really wanted them to know how important they were to him. This staff stepped up the first day after the Treasurer went into the hospital and have not missed a beat since then. He knew they always had his back and he loved them for that.”

The Treasurer’s office is responsible for managing a large portion of the state’s financial portfolio.

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