Glass recycling partners join forces

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 349 views 

EPIC Glass Recycling is partnering with ACE Glass and Plastics Recycling which is ramping up plans to build a glass recycling plant in North Little Rock just east of I-440. The first phase of this plant, scheduled to be operational in early 2024, will involve the installation of processing equipment to make cullet from collected glass.

Glass cullet is used in a variety of applications from being remanufactured into lightweight aggregate, consumer glass containers, repurposed into the production of fiberglass products, and even turned into reflective road striping.

The second phase will include the production of ultra-lightweight foamed glass aggregate which will be used in road construction projects across Arkansas. This product is used to save weight and cost in road construction products by replacing traditional fill behind retaining wall and over utilities.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer an in-state recycling option for cities, counties, and solid waste agencies that currently collect glass, ramp up collections where not currently offered, and add additional services where needed. By being able to collect, recycle and manufacture product from glass in an end-to-end process, Epic Glass Recycling will now be able to productively repurpose what was once waste into viable products or raw materials rather than sending it to landfills or out of state.” said Courtney Little, Founder of Epic Glass Recycling.

“We’re excited for Ace Glass and Plastics to join other recent developments for recycling in North Little Rock. With aluminum, metal and now glass and plastic, our city is moving forward with the newest technologies in recycling and is fast becoming the center of recycling for the state,” said Mayor Terry Hartwick.

“Expansions like this are meeting a need in the community to serve both the environment and the economy,” said Jay Chesshir, President and CEO of the Little Rock Regional Chamber. “ACE and EPIC are wonderful examples of home-grown companies finding success in the region and we look forward to their continued growth.”