Fast 15: Brandon Andrews

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 1,447 views 

Class of 2023 Brandon Andrews Customer Service Center Manager Signature Bank of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Brandon Andrews is motivated by helping others as it makes him “feel complete.”

It also led the Green Forest native to consider a nursing career before pivoting into banking. In 2011, Andrews moved to Fayetteville to attend the University of Arkansas and become a registered nurse.

“I enjoy being there when someone needs somebody to help,” he said. “When they need someone to listen to them or help them with a problem, talk them through something or listen — that’s always been what I thrive off of — being that person who’s there when someone needs them. Nursing would’ve given me that opportunity. Banking also does.”

In 2014, Andrews joined Signature Bank of Arkansas as a part-time teller before becoming full-time and moving into customer service. He remained there for about four years before spending a year in the loan department. In 2021, he returned to customer service to become a manager. He oversees eight employees.

“Our bank, we have a little over 200 employees, and with what I do, I get to talk to almost every department in the bank and almost every person at some point,” he said. “I help everyone with whatever they need.

“I like to be a one-stop shop, which is why I like to know a little bit about everything and why I’m grateful that I can work with these other departments because I can pick up little bits and pieces from them that I wouldn’t know otherwise,” he added. “That way, I can become a better worker and help anyone with anything they might need.”

Andrews’ long-term goal is to become an executive. Meanwhile, he looks to continue to grow and support his co-workers and staff.

“I have a very diverse group of people,” he said. “It’s so amazing to come and work with them every day and make a difference. Being where I am right now is my biggest accomplishment, and one day I think I will move up even further. But at this moment, I’m grateful for where I am.”

Andrews has volunteered for various community events the bank supports. He enjoys board, card and video games, walks, and cooking and baking for others.