Venture Center opens registration period for fintech summit

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 644 views 

The Venture Center officially opened registrations for VenCent a fintech summit for bankers and financial service providers. The event will be held Aug. 14-15 in Little Rock connecting banking leaders, fintech innovators, and influencers from around the world and spotlighting solutions for today’s biggest challenges in financial technology.

New to the event in 2023 is VenCent Match, a speed networking breakout option for bankers and fintech innovators to make intentional connections in real time. Over the course of the two-day event, these rotating one-on-ones will accommodate targeted pitches from fintechs, maximizing every moment to potentially secure new partnerships with banks.

“We’ve programmed VenCent to provide true value to our attendees,” said Venture Center executive director Arthur Orduña. “By cutting through the usual conference fluff and instead delivering in-person networking experiences purpose-built to connect banking decision-makers and fintech founders, we’re ensuring every moment is maximized. We’re putting bankers and fintechs at the center of the experience so they can have important, fact-finding conversations in a very finite amount of time.”

In its second years, the VenCent Fintech Summit will provide attendees firsthand access to advances in fintech and insights from financial policymakers. Unique to Little Rock, the inaugural event concluded in 2022 with attendees representing more than 135 U.S. banks and more than 125 global fintech companies, as well as other industry influencers such as state, regional and federal financial regulatory and legislative leaders.

“VenCent provided our staff the unique opportunity to plug into the national banking community and grow a deeper understanding of bank innovation’s regulatory environment,” said Mike Coyne, chief innovation officer for Axiom Bank, N.A. “It put us in the room where we heard important conversations– conversations that have shaped the way we’ve made decisions this past year. This event will change the way you scout breakout sessions and networking events and ensure you’re considering every possible option for innovating on behalf of your customers.”