Domain Capital Group acquires timberland in Arkansas, other states

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 1,465 views 

Domain Capital Group, LLC, a comprehensive private investment management services firm, and its subsidiary, Domain Timber Advisors, LLC, announced Thursday (Feb. 9) the acquisition of nearly 22,000 acres of timberland throughout the southeastern U.S.

The assets were acquired via six separate transactions spanning from October to January, and include properties in Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia.

“We believe these acquisitions demonstrate Domain’s ability to source quality assets in a competitive market environment and complete transactions expediently,” said Peter Walker, vice president of investments and timberland assets at Domain Timber Advisors. “Our plan to target value opportunities in lower-to-middle tier land markets has continued to produce consistent results. We look forward to being good stewards of these properties and managing them to high standards that preserve and enhance the environment.”

Domain Timber’s most recent acquisitions increase the total acreage of timberland under the company’s management to more than 264,000 acres. Domain continues to research opportunities for additional, strategic acquisitions in the Southeast to meet the region’s demand for lumber and other wood products.

Domain manages approximately $8.5 billion in total assets through its two registered subsidiaries, Domain Capital Advisors, LLC and Domain Timber Advisors, LLC.