Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union expands

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 799 views 

Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union is expanding service and operations to customers in Garland, Hot Spring, Grant, and Perry counties. The financial institution said it would open locations in those counties in 2023.

“We are committed to bringing the same quality and personal service to the people of Grant, Garland, Hot Spring, and Perry counties that we have been providing to Saline County residents for over 65 years,” said Steve Brown, CEO.

“We have offered some of the lowest auto, HELOC, mortgage, and personal loan rates and some of the highest deposit and savings rates to Saline County communities for years. We are excited to offer those things to the folks in our new counties,” he added.

Benton will continue to be the corporate headquarters.

Founded by employees at the local Alcoa Aluminum plant in 1957, Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union has been in business in Saline County for over 65 years.