Bentonville firm launches recruiting initiative for an apprentice who didn’t attend college

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 2,748 views 

Consumer brand agency The Stable, headquartered in Minnesota with an office in Bentonville, has launched a recruiting initiative in Northwest Arkansas to reward someone who didn’t go to college with an executive apprenticeship.

The “No College? No Worries.” initiative seeks candidates in Northwest Arkansas to apply. The company will accept applications through the end of December, with in-person interviews held in January 2023. The selected candidate will begin working at The Stable in March 2023.

According to a news release (Oct. 19), on-the-job training for the executive apprentice includes a three-month program across all business areas before two, six-month rotations focused on growing position-specific skills. Armed with a department mentor, this individual will gain experience from mini-projects and hands-on learning, as well as senior leadership and exposure and support. Participants will also receive a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits throughout the experience.

The unique concept is inspired by The Stable’s CEO and co-founder, Chad Hetherington, who did not attend college.

“I didn’t have the chance to go to college after high school,” Hetherington said. “Instead, I went right to work, hustled and surrounded myself with the right people who could teach me the ins and outs of business. I believe everyone has something to offer regardless of educational background, and I’m excited to give another individual their big break.”

The Stable launched the initiative last year in Minneapolis and received hundreds of nominations. Grace Slaubaugh joined The Stable this past March as its first executive apprentice. She will join the company full-time at the end of the 15-month program.

“It’s equal parts challenging and rewarding, and I highly recommend the program to anyone considering applying,” Slaubaugh said.

Professional services firm Accenture of New York acquired The Stable earlier this year. The Stable entered the Northwest Arkansas market in 2020 when it acquired e-commerce tech company RichContext of Rogers. It followed that up by acquiring The Retail Firm in Bentonville last year.