Women in Business: Sunny Martinez

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Class of 2022 Women in Business Sunny Martinez CEO Job Guide LLC, Rogers

Residence: Bentonville

Education: Attended Phillips (Calif.) College

Professional background: In 2020, after working for the company for more than two decades, Martinez became the owner of the Job Guide, founded more than 30 years ago by her parents. The bi-weekly employment publication has print coverage in Northwest Arkansas, southwest Missouri and the Tulsa metro. Martinez helped launch the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Conference and is an original member and Partner of Northwest Arkansas Human Resources Association (NOARK).

What was your dream job as a kid and why? I wanted to be a restaurant owner. I would create menus and prepare meals for my mother, Angela Robinson. I now do that for my family.

What advice can you offer to women who want a career in your industry? I worked for The Job Guide in all aspects of the company for the past 24 years. In November 2020, I had the opportunity of becoming the owner/CEO and thus relaunching it as Job Guide LLC. For any industry, learn every aspect of your company. No job detail is off-limits or beneath you. Learn, support and work as one.

What’s the next big personal or career challenge you plan to take on? The challenges I plan to take on are to grow my publication and continue to assist employers in finding qualified candidates throughout the region. I am also a managing partner at a marketing agency that is in the process of launching. Additionally, I would like to become a certified life/job and fitness coach.

What is a leader’s best asset? Resilience and perseverance.

You stay busy professionally. How do you take care of yourself and maintain good mental health? I work out daily, read (personal development, fiction and non-fiction books) and keep a daily gratitude journal. I love watching my boys play golf even though I do not play. I can be dangerous with a golf club.

How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and personal life? Mentorship gives me a new perspective on how to view or respond to a situation. I love learning from community leaders of all industries. My mother was my biggest mentor and advocate.

Why do you think companies would benefit from having more women at the top? As women, we are so efficient with multitasking on a daily basis. Juggling and running a business, managing children and maintaining smooth running households. Women are great with time management.

What’s unique about your company’s culture? We are transparent, niche, woman-owned, and family-operated.

What is something distinctive that people would be surprised to know about you? I was a CALS (caregiver of someone with ALS) to my mother who was a PALS for 17 months and who passed Christmas Eve of 2021. All while running a newly relaunched company and maintaining a sane household. My mother taught me resilience, perseverance and to just keep rowing my boat through life no matter how rough or dark days got.

Favorite Northwest Arkansas-area restaurant? Ruth’s Chris for date nights with husband. McClard’s for family dinner time.

Most recent book you’ve read? Currently reading “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz.

If you have a bucket list, what are the top three things on it? Before settling in NWA in 1996, I moved every 18 months and have lived all over the country. I would love to take my family to all the areas I’ve lived. Also, learn to play chess and be able to mediate. My mind is always on the go and ready for the next item on the list.