LIVSN opens Bentonville office, hires multiple staff

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 1,493 views 

From left, Jacob Kowalewski, operations manager, Brian O’Dea, content manager and customer service, Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, founder and CEO; Kelsey Ferguson, brand marketing manager, and Dustin Williams, head of growth, all with LIVSN Designs. The employees were pictured in their Bentonville office along with Manny the mannequin.

LIVSN Designs, an outdoor apparel company, has opened a Bentonville office, hired multiple employees, and completed the most successful Kickstarter campaign hosted by an Arkansas-based company.

Earlier this year, the company opened a 3,600-square-foot office at 1019 S.E. Eighth St., east of the 8th Street Market. The office provided the business with a workspace, photo studio and design area. LIVSN Designs also hired its first full-time employee, and has since added two more along with a contract worker.

Between February and March, the company raised $514,624 in a Kickstarter campaign in which it launched its EcoTrek Trail pants. It was a record amount raised via a Kickstarter campaign by an Arkansas-based company. The previous record was about $413,000.

Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, founder and CEO of LIVSN Designs, attributed the campaign’s success to “the right product on the right platform at the right time.”

He said another Kickstarter is planned for late spring 2022 in which a new product will be launched. Other new products to be released next year include women’s pants and shorts. Also in the works are men’s overalls and EcoTrek shorts. Within the three years, he looks to offer a complete line of apparel for men and women, excluding underwear, socks and shoes.

This fall, he plans to open a small showroom at the company’s Bentonville office. Hours have yet to be determined, but he expects it will be open when staff are at the office.

The company’s products are available in 25 stores throughout 19 states. By the end of fall, he expects the products to be available at 75 stores and e-commerce sites, and

While business-to-business sales are good and growing, Gibbs-Dabney said, the majority of its business comprises direct-to-consumer sales via online campaigns and its website, He said the Flex Canvas pants remain the top-selling product.

The company has four full-time employees and one contract worker.