Washington County Judge Joseph Wood joins Lt. Governor’s race

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 1,984 views 

Washington County Judge Joseph Wood announced Monday (May 17) he would be a Republican candidate for Arkansas Lt. Governor. Wood is serving his second term as county judge.

“I’m running for Lt. Governor because there are big issues facing our state and my record of cutting government waste, recruiting new businesses, and standing for conservative values are needed for a better Arkansas,” said Wood. “I will bring to the office real–world experience from working with major corporations in the private sector to being a small business owner and fighting for our shared pursuit of life and liberty in the state.”

“President Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents because he pushed ahead in the face of adversity and delivered results. Arkansas needs a proven leader for the future of Arkansas. I am running as a strategic thinker and leader who consistently delivers results. I am running as a conservative, committed to faith, family, and fighting for what’s possible in Arkansas,” he added.

The GOP primary for Lt. Governor is already a crowded field. State Senator Jason Rapert, R-Bigelow, Arkansas Surgeon General Greg Bledsoe, and former state GOP chairman Doyle Webb have announced candidacies for the post.

Prior to becoming county judge, Wood served Arkansas as the Deputy Secretary of State. He was responsible for the Business Commercial Services and Education Divisions and worked with the Elections Division. As the Head of International Recruiting for Walmart and as District Human Resources Director for Home Depot, Wood said he worked to recruit talent and develop leaders to increase ingenuity and innovations across the state.

“We are working to come back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic and getting Arkansas’ economy moving, and this is the kind of leadership we’ll need to put Arkansas on the path forward. This is exactly what I have done and will do as Lt. Governor,” he said.

Married for 29 years, Wood and his wife, June, have three daughters. Wood’s campaign video announcement is embedded at the end of this story.

Doyle Webb welcomed Wood into the race.

“I welcome Joseph Wood into the race for Lt. Governor. As with all candidates in this race, I consider Joseph to be an upstanding individual. My team and I have made it clear that we are committed to this race full-time and that I have the experience necessary to fight on behalf of all Arkansans against an overreaching federal government. I made a promise on day one that no other candidate can make: I will not use the office of Lieutenant Governor to step stool my way to a run for Governor, Congress, or U.S. Senate down the road. The people of Arkansas deserve transparency and someone committed to the Office of Lt. Governor, not future political posturing on the taxpayer dime.”

Bledsoe offered this statement:

“Joseph Wood is a good man. We welcome him to the Lt. Governor’s campaign and look forward to discussing the issues with him. However, we fundamentally believe voters in Arkansas are looking for new candidates who have spent their careers outside of the political system and have deep experience in the private sector. We believe our candidacy is unique when contrasted with the other candidates by providing voters the opportunity to support a physician, not a politician,” he said.