Walmart announces supply chain promotions

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 5,155 views 

Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner recently announced two top promotions in the retailer’s supply chain and logistics operations. Joe Metzger was selected to fill the new role of executive vice president of supply chain operations. Metzger will report to the head of the supply chain once that position is filled.

Former supply chain head Greg Smith left the retailer last month. In the interim, Metzger will report to Furner. Furner said Metzger will be responsible for leading the distribution centers, fulfillment centers and transportation fleet among other areas with the goal of aligning the operational functions of the supply chain under one leader.

Metzger will have seven direct reports of the following officers: Tim Cooper, senior vice president of grocery and reverse networks; Mike Gray, senior vice president ambient network; Steve Miller, senior vice president fulfillment network; Chris Glover, vice president supply chain performance management; Chris Goodenough, vice president supply chain quality; Wendy Johnson, vice president chain environment health and safety and the open position for a senior vice president of transportation.

Tom Ward is also transitioning to senior vice president of last mile, a newly defined role. Ward will also inherit the InHome segment from Store No. 8, the innovation arm of Walmart. Walmart said Ward will work to build out the Spark driver platform, as well as the retailer’s electric vehicle, autonomous vehicle and drone strategies. His department will also lead our partnerships with third-party delivery service providers. Ward will report to Furner until a new head of supply chain is named.

Furner said Casey Carl, executive vice president and U.S. chief omni strategy and operations officer, will be responsible for operations financials of the company’s digital platforms for pickup.

David Guggina is also taking on an expanded role as senior vice president supply chain innovations and automation. Guggina will also report to Furner until the supply chain head is named.