Tyson Foods provides grant to Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 863 views 

Tyson Foods is donating $25,000 to the Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese (ACOM) to fund programming that supports the Marshallese community in Arkansas.

ACOM is a nonprofit organization based in Springdale that focuses on enriching the quality of life of Marshallese people through education, leadership, health, culture and commitment.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has galvanized ACOM to become more innovative in addressing the needs of the Marshallese community in a way that is culturally relevant,” said Melissa Laelan, founder & executive director at the coalition. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, Tyson Foods has always been a supporting pillar in ensuring that ACOM provides a diverse range of COVID-19 relief services to the community. The donation will go a long way in ensuring that we keep the community fed by supporting the Enrā Food Pantry.”

The community grant awarded to ACOM was supported by the company’s Asians and Allies Business Resource Group. Comprised of Tyson Foods employees, the group works to ensure that all of the company’s Asian workers – and the Asian communities where Tyson operates – feel supported, celebrated, and heard, the company said.

Northwest Arkansas is home to one the largest Marshallese population in the continental U.S. Tyson Foods said the grant will help to ensure the continued success of the only Marshallese led nonprofit in the state.