Democrat Jesse Gibson announces for Arkansas Attorney General

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 1,938 views 

The race for Arkansas Attorney General just added another candidate. Attorney Jesse Gibson announced Tuesday (May 25) he would seek the Democratic nomination for the state’s top legal post.

Gibson will challenge Democrat Jason Davis for the nomination. Lt. Governor Tim Griffin and Leon Jones have announced for the Republican nomination for the position. Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is term-limited and is running for Governor.

Gibson said consumer protection will be one of his biggest priorities in seeking the office.

“We expect politicians to do the right thing, but too often they end up protecting their own power over ours. I’m done waiting around for someone else to get this right. I’ve taken on the big guys in the courtroom, so I’m ready to do the same in Little Rock as Attorney General,” Gibson said. “The people in charge now play by different rules and bully anyone who tries to call them out or challenge them. That’s about to change.”

In a campaign announcement video which can be viewed below, Gibson touted his small town upbringing and concern for family. He was raised in Lead Hill, Arkansas, by his parents who were both teachers.

“I come from humble beginnings. Nobody knows my name and that’s a good thing. It means the life I live and the work I do is about our families and our communities, not about a career in power and politics,” Gibson says. “We are all just trying to make a better life for our family, to do the right thing, to live a life of faith and to help our community. We need more real people representing real people.”

Gibson has been practicing law for 22 years, owns a small business, a local law firm, and lives in Little Rock with his wife, Amanda, and two sons.

Davis, the other Democrat in the race, welcomed Gibson to the field.

“I welcome attorney Jesse Gibson into the race for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. Campaigns are an opportunity for dialogue about the future of our state and its people. I look forward to having this discussion with Mr. Gibson. He and I both have a passion for fighting for the greater good of the people of our great state and with that we can find common ground.”