Tyson Foods opens new processing plant complex in Tennessee

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Tyson Foods said Thursday (April 8) the meat giant is set to open its $425 million poultry processing plant, feed mill and hatchery in Humboldt, Tenn., later this month.

“We’re pleased to add to the growth in Gibson County with the opening of our new 370,000 square foot processing facility,” said Dean Banks, President and CEO, Tyson Foods. “We appreciate the support of all those who played a role in making this facility possible—the local community, county, state and our Humboldt team members, who safely and responsibly produce high-quality protein daily to help feed our nation and the world.”

Tyson sought to expand its poultry production for retail as the business has grown substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company said several hundred workers have been hired and are being trained to start production later this month. The plant is expected to employ about 1,500 workers by 2023. The facility will begin later this month to produce pre-packaged trays of fresh chicken for U.S. retail grocery stores.

The company’s Humboldt feed mill, which will supply feed for approximately 56 local poultry farmers, will have 30 employees and produce 14,000 tons of finished feed a week when production reaches full capacity. Tyson said the payroll and payments to farmers from the new operation, along with the purchase of grain and utilities, is expected to generate an annual economic benefit to the state of Tennessee of $150 million. The Humboldt hatchery employs 30 and provides chicks for local poultry farmers who supply broiler chickens to Tyson.

The Humboldt facility is the second large project in Tennessee for Tyson in recent years following the $84 million plant expansion in Union City in 2017 that added 200 new jobs.

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